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Model Number 0E10705 
Specification 3 - Chamber Brake Cylinder
Tank Capacity 5 Liter

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Tank capacity 5 l
Max. giving brake pumping 2 bar
Max. giving air 10 bar
Hose length 3m
Weight 10.2 kg


0E10705 Brake pump
0E11004 Universal bracket for fixing plugs complete with plugs (1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9)
0E10802 Connecting hose for pumping the clutch - 600mm
0E10801 Canister for draining brake fluid - 2 pcs.



The three-chamber pneumatic pumping system of the brake system is designed to pump brake systems and hydraulic couplings of any automobiles. Compressed air supply chamber (8-10bar) allows several pumping without recharging the device. The brake system bleeding device is equipped with an internal elastic membrane that hermetically separates the oil from the air, in order to avoid the risk of emulsion. You can also pump the system with a braking controller and ABS (max. Pressure 1 bar). 
Analogs: ALFA 0A66206; RAASM 10805

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