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Model Number 0E23024
Specification Handwheel Sprayer with level gauge ( Steel - Stainless )
Tank Capacity 24 Liter

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covered by 5-2-1 warranty

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Volume of the tank 24 l
Hose length 5 m
Max working pressure 8 bar
Nozzle length 0.65 mm


Level gauge
0E24805 Stainless Steel Spray Gun with EPDM Seals
0E24801 Standard spray nozzle (with filter)
0E24891 Outflow funnel


Devices of painted carbon steel and for non-toxic spraying of liquids with a low density: detergents, lubricating oil and similar materials. In addition, for washing cars, graphitizing, lubricating or applying oils. After they are filled with liquid in 3/4 capacity, and filled with air at a pressure of 6 - 8 bar, they will work independently, there is no need for their constant connection to the compressed air network. 
Analogs: ALFA 0A61124; RAASM 22024

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