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Model Number 0E33071
Flow Rate 230 L/min
Tube Length 220 mm

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Compression ratio 1: 1
Performance 23 l / min
Air Connector F 1/4 ”G
Oil outlet F 1/2 ”G
Operating pressure 6 - 8 bar
Air flow 230 rpm
Noise level 81 dB
Suction pipe diameter 42 mm
Suction pipe length 220 mm
Weight 5 kg


0E33071 Pump with a 1 "length-adjustable tube for pumping oil 23 l / min - 1: 1
0E38042 Nut adapter 42 mm for barrels



S. 600 series pneumatic pumps for short distance transfer. Ideal for pumping low / medium viscosity fluids: oil, grease and the like. The wall-mounted version of these pumps, mounted on a wall or in a stationary position using special devices, is suitable for various uses by installing modular nozzles. 
The gasket material is Whiteton. 
The material of the suction tube is carbon steel. 
Analogs: ALFA 0A32071; RAASM 33071

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