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0E43065 - 0E43091

Model Number 0E43065 or 0E43091
Tank Capacity 65 Liter - 90 Liter
Suction Capacity 1.5-2 L/Min


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Pantographic installations for draining / pumping oil, due to their versatility, are universal, which makes it possible to change oil in all cars: 
- through a gravitational drop into a bath standing on the floor 
- through a gravitational drop into a raised bath together with cars located on a lift or pit. 
- through suction by means of a probe inserted directly into the engine, in any place, since it does not need to be permanently connected to the compressed air network or to other energy sources. The 
oil temperature should be (70 - 80? C). 
Analogs: ALFA 0A26265; RAASM 46215



Volume of the tank 115 l
Pantograph bath 50 l
Air pressure during depressurization 6.5 - 7 bar
Depressurization Time 3 - 3.5 min
Noise level 75 dB
Pumping speed 1,5 - 2 l / min
Suction hose 2 m
Drain hose 2 m
Drain pressure (max.) 0.5 bar
dimensions 650x1500x580 mm.
Weight 68 kg


0E45560 Probe set 6 pcs.
Pantograph lifting bath 50 l.
Level gauge
Detachable tool tray

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