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Model Number 0E62095
Flow Rate 1500g/min
Tube Length 940 mm


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covered by 5-2-1 warranty

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Compression ratio 50: 1
Air Connector F 1/4 ”G
Oil outlet F 3/8 ”G
Operating pressure 6 - 8 bar
Maximum pressure 8 bar
Average air consumption 330 l / min
Noise level 81 dB
Max. pressure 8 bar
Relation productivity (under pressure. 6 bars) 1500 g / min
Suction pipe length 940 mm
Suction pipe diameter 30 mm


0E62095 Pump 1500 g / min - 50: 1 for barrels 180-220 kg



The air pump of the S. 600 series, is intended for distribution of greasing, average and high viscosity, on short and long distances, and also for greasing under high pressure. They are used both in mobile units and in centralized stationary systems. 
Analogs: ALFA 0A11195; RAASM 62095

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