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Application   12V Batteries - 12V Charging/Starting System 
Operation Range
1,000 CCA (SAE)
True Loading Capacity 100 Amp

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Product details of DHC 50888 (100AMP) Digital Battery Load Tester and Charging System Analyzer

  • Made by DHC Battery & Energy Management Solutions (Since 1976)
  • 1 year service warranty
  • 100AMP battery load tester
  • Application: 12V batteries / 12V charging/starting system
  • Operation Range: up to 1,000CCA (SAE)
  • True Load Capacity: 100AMP
  • Display: 3 digital LED display
  • Test Lead: 20 inch / 50 cm
  • Automatically turns off the load after 10 seconds and holdsthe voltage
  • Unique 3 step design: LED polarity checking function, battery load test and charging system test readout
  • Microprocessor controlled design guarantees an easy and accurate load test


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