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On-vehicle "finish balancer"

Only two spins are required on L88 to detect the static unbalance of shafts and eliminate akk harmful vibrations of the mechanical parts.

Gearbox, brake disk and wheel hub operate in best possible conditions.

Powerful 3-phase motor

The spinning and braking of car wheels and heavy truck wheels are easily carried out by a powerful 3-phase motor.

In case of drive shaft it is also possible to use vehice engine.


These are two different unblance sensors available, the one for cars (capacity 700 kg) ad the one for trucks (capacity 6.000 kg).

It is possible to set-up machine with the prefered combination.

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covered by 5-2-1 warranty

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machine dimensions 1030 x 500 x 610 h mm P

ackage dimensions 1100 x 550 x 950 h mm

Gross weight L88 with 1 TP2

Car transducer kg 93 L88 with 1 TPT1 truck transducer kg 106




Balancing machine for on-the-vehicle wheels with microprocessor-based electronics and photocell ensuring simplicity in use, rapidity and precision.

The machine can operate on cars, 4WD and heavy commercial vehicles with a perfect balancing in 2 spins per wheel even in case of the most critical vehicles.

The on-vehicle balancing is recommended as a “finish” balancing (after balancing wheels on an off-the-vehicle model) and is useful to correct the unbalances deriving from the unavoidable centering tolerances between the wheel rim and wheel hub, or from the brake discs or transmission parts.

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