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Grease Hose

Model  Grease Hose
Specification Closed or Openned Hose Reel
Nozel Size 10 mm to 15 mm

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  model Length   inner    Materials Pressure of work
D6206206.020 20m 1/2"  S.A.E.100R1AT  135Bar 
D6206208.010 10m 3/4"  S.A.E.100R1AT  100Bar 
D6206210.008 8m 1"  S.A.E.100R1AT  75Bar 








Name:Oil | Grease Reel
Model: 620



 1. Design for heavy duty applications with high strength and high quality.


2. The limiting device can be fixed at any position of the hose, so that it can achieve satisfactory length.

3. Double arm design increases the strength and is suitable for high load applications.

4. Adjustable dual support mounting arm, with strong tendons, can provide a variety of installation position.

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