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Tank Capacity 80L
Working Temperature 40~60℃(for engine oil)

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Functions: Remove and extract waste fluids or oil out from engine and etc. with flexible PVC tube and robust CU probe. Power from compressed air

Air Inlet Pressure:: 6~8bar/ 87~116PSI
Ejection pressure: 0.7~1 bar/ 10~14PSI
Air Consumption:: 150L/Min
Vacuum Degree: 0~-1 bar /-14PSI
Tank Capacity: 65L
Cylinder Capacity:: 9L
Working Temperature: 40~60℃
Package: Cylinder/box,oil tank/box
Carton size: 255*255*540mm/470*400*940mm
Suction probes:  
Φ5*L800mm,(Cu,1 PCS) Suction speed:1.9 L/Min.
Φ6*L800mm,(Cu,1 PCS) Suction speed:3.2 L/Min.
Φ6*L700mm,(PVC,1PCS) Suction speed 4.2 L/Min.
Φ8*L700mm,(PVC,1PCS) Suction speed 6.2 L/Min.
Φ6*L800mm,(PVC,1PCS) Suction speed 3.7 L/Min.
Φ8*L800mm,(PVC,1PCS) Suction speed 5.2 L/Min.


Product description:       

1.Fast vaccum speed, capable of high negative pressure, multi-purpose equipment.
2.High quality cylinder, higher intensity, high grade of transparency as well as high temperature resistance (able to withstand 80℃ & negative pressure without deforming). Transparent cylinder allows oil observation and measurement.
3.Use compressed air as power source; guarantee the safety in use, Eco friendly and low power consumption.
4.Vacuum cylinder and oil tank at a same time, increase oil extraction speed.
5.Different diameter of oil suction probes to meet the need of different type of cars.
6.Height adjustable Oil tray lift, can be fix to desirable height.
7.Can be used with other mechanical engine oil, lubricants as well as temporary storage. Brake fluid, gasoline, diesel and other liquid contains methanol and ketones or flammable is strictly prohibited.

ملحقات HC-3281