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Benefits of nitrogen inflation.

  • Better tire pressure retention nitrogen migrates through a tire 3 to 4 times slower than oxygen. It may take 6 months to lose 2 psi with nitrogen compared to less than a month with oxygen.
  • Improved fuel economy a result of having the proper air pressure which lessens the rolling resistance. Under-inflated tires have a greater rolling resistance.
  • Cooler running tires tires inflated with nitrogen run cooler than tires inflated with regular air.
  • Removal of oxidation oxygen is a highly reactive element at high temperatures and pressures. Replacing the oxygen with nitrogen helps eliminate the oxidation that damages inner liners and belt packages.
  • Improved retreadability eliminating oxidation also improves the retreadability due to more flexibility in the tire casing. Less tire aging and tire cord rust could very well increase the number of retreadable casings and also increase the number of times a casing can be retreaded.
  • Elimination of rim rust since nitrogen is completely dry, condensation is eliminated which in turn eliminates rim rust.
  • On-the-road reliability tire failures can be significantly reduced which reduces down time and costly service calls.

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Full Automatic w/LCD

Raw material from compressed air
Automatic Nitrogen generator
Automatic shut-off after nitrogen generation
Two Sets of large capacity CMS filter
Two Stage pre-filters for water/oil seperator
Automatic vacuum generator to exact air out from the tyre
Automatic tyre inflation under set-up pressure
Automatic alarm for any error and work finish
Record last time setting data
Audible and visual of end of nitrogen generation and inflation
High precision and full automatic water/oil seperator, it can drain the water out automatically at any time
Large backlight LED & LCD display
Automatic hose reel to instead of two sperated air and N2 hoses
Equipped with independent backup system for computer
Suit For: Car & Light Truck
Power Supply: 110/220V±10%,50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 30W
Nitrogen Generated: PSA Technology
Nitrogen Purity: 95~99%
Air Inlet Pressure: 9~10kg/cm2;130~145PSI
Air compressor required: 5.5~7.5kw,10kg/cm2, Exhaust volume:0.6~1.5M3/min,
N2 Output Capacity: 70~80L/Min;18.5-21Gallon/Min,2.5~2.8CFM
N2 Tank Capacity: 90L/24Gallon inside
Measure Unit: Bar & PSI
Max. Pressure for N2 Tank: 13.5KG/CM2
Sensor Precision: 1PSI
Operating Temperature: 0-50°C,0-122°F
Standard Accessories: Automatic hose-reel
Packing &N.W./G.W.: 745*550*1500MM




1. Semi-automatic operation system    

2. With independent vacuum generation and N2 inflation device    

3. Raw material from compressed air    

4. Automatic Nitrogen generator    

5. Automatic shut-off after nitrogen generation    

6. Two Sets of large capacity CMS filter    

7. One Stage pre-filters for water/oil seperator    

8. Optional: 130L external N2 tank    

9. Quick coupler to connect the "Vaccum Generator & N2 Inflator device " with the machine by


two 10meters length hoses    

10. With 70L N2 tank 

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