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Benefits of nitrogen inflation.

  • Better tire pressure retention nitrogen migrates through a tire 3 to 4 times slower than oxygen. It may take 6 months to lose 2 psi with nitrogen compared to less than a month with oxygen.
  • Improved fuel economy a result of having the proper air pressure which lessens the rolling resistance. Under-inflated tires have a greater rolling resistance.
  • Cooler running tires tires inflated with nitrogen run cooler than tires inflated with regular air.
  • Removal of oxidation oxygen is a highly reactive element at high temperatures and pressures. Replacing the oxygen with nitrogen helps eliminate the oxidation that damages inner liners and belt packages.
  • Improved retreadability eliminating oxidation also improves the retreadability due to more flexibility in the tire casing. Less tire aging and tire cord rust could very well increase the number of retreadable casings and also increase the number of times a casing can be retreaded.
  • Elimination of rim rust since nitrogen is completely dry, condensation is eliminated which in turn eliminates rim rust.
  • On-the-road reliability tire failures can be significantly reduced which reduces down time and costly service calls.

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Features - characteristics:

. Digital LCD screen is easy to observe when using

. Equipped with 4 inflatable tubes, allowing to make 4 different tires simultaneously

. Equipped with high precision filter and oil / water separator.

. Equipped with a fully automatic oil / water separator and filter, it can automatically discharge water at any time.

. Two-stage filtering helps extend the life of the machine.

. Equipped with an independent backup system for the computer, this makes it possible to operate during an error with the computer.

. The button is made of metal

. Nitrogen pumps are an indispensable choice in automobile repair workshops to help pump nitrogen gas quickly and accurately



     Suitable for: passenger cars and light trucks

     Capacity: 220V + -10%, 50 / 60Hz

     Nitrogen is created: Through high-quality filtration

     Nitrogen purity: 95 ~ 99%

     Inlet air pressure: 9-10Bar, 130 ~ 145PSI

     Air compressor capacity: 5.5 ~ 7.5 kw, 10Bar, 1 ~ 1.5 m3 / min

     Nitrogen outlet pressure: 1 ~ 6Bar, 15 ~ 87PSI

     Output power: 70 ~ 90L / min, 18.5 ~ 23.8 gallons / minute

     N2 tank capacity: 70L / 18.5 gallons inside

     Standard: 4 pieces of 10m inflatable tubes

     Size: 730 * 530 * 1395 mm

     NW / GW: 126 / 132kg

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