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Automatic super-tilt rear tire mounting machine for racing
Automatic super-tilting rear tire mounting machine for tires with frames 10 "to 28" (maximum tire diameter 1100 mm / 43 inch, maximum tire width 415 mm / 16 "). The patented PO system will not give any BB shovel stuck in the edge.

The RUSC gives an idea of ​​how strong a tire changer is, in terms of strength and strength against all the different types of compression involved in the tires.

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  • Slanted tower, sliding horizontal lever with 41 mm operating lever;
  • Double impact concrete crusher drum ø 200 mm;
  • Table thickness 14 mm with adjust. Jaws (patent of Giuliano);
  • Mounting head designed for standard and low-performance tire applications;
  • Double rotation speed by pedal.
  • Inflated tires by pedal (standard);
  • Adjustable angle shovel breaker.
  • Suitable for arms, auxiliary arms or HP2 auxiliary arms (optional);
  • Suitable for tubeless tire bead seating system; (optional);
  • "Easy-to-access pedal" quick-release pedal box;
  • PO system, patent Giuliano, for not giving BB shovel stuck in the edge;
  • Robotic tube positioning arm operating / locking.


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