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Automatic tire changer for trucks, agriculture, earthmoving. Suitable for tubeless and tubeless tires. Self-centering 4-arm hydraulic chuck. 2-speed engine. Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the spindle. Universal tool. Spindle on fixed arm. Hydraulic lifting of the spindle arm (up and down). Hydraulic translation of tool holder arm (left - right). Tool changer with automatic lifting and manual rotation. Mobile remote control. Mobile roller ramp for easy wheel positioning.


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  • Automatic Truck Tyre Changer for Trucks, Agricultural and Earth Moving vehicles
  • Suitable for normal and tubeless tires
  • Self-centering hydraulic chuck with 4 clamping jaws
  • 2 speed Motor
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the chuck
  • Universal toolhead
  • Chuck on fixed arm
  • Hidraulic lifting of chuck up-down
  • Electro-Hydraulic displacement (left right ) of the arm that contains the toolhead.
  • Toolhead with automatic lifting and manual rotation
  • Mobile remote control (low voltage)
  • Mobile ramp with rollers for easy positioning of the wheel
  • Hydraulic pump motor 1,5 kW (2,0 Hp)
  • Safety valve on hydraulic circuit
  • Chuck Gearbox motor 1,1 kW (1,5 Hp)
  • Spindle shaft working height min 330 mm
  • Bead breaking force (in/out) 26.9 kN
  • Max rotation torque 3,9 Kn
  • Clamping force max 46 kN
  • Rim central hole min 80 mm
  • Max wheel weight 1500 kg
  • Rim diam. 14-46" (opt. 56")
  • Max wheel diam 2300 mm (90")
  • Max wheel width 1110 mm (44")
  • Noise < 70 dB (A)


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